Docklevelers and Dock Equipment

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  • Hydraulic Docklevellers
  • Container Dock levellers


  • Fixed Head Seals
  • Adjustable Head Seals
  • Truck shelters
  • Inflatable Air seals

Dock Wheel Chocks


Efficiency, durability and safety. All essential in your loading dock area. A loading dock fitted with docklevelers can turn trucks around in a fraction of the time compared to other loading methods. With such a large variation in transport available, loading docks must be ready to accommodate widely varying vehicle sizes. Docklevelers are designed to allow access onto vehicles whose heights vary from that of the loading dock or those that require the reach of a dockleveler to bridge the gap between loading dock and the vehicle floor.

TODDCO docklevelers offer a range of high quality and durable hydraulic docklevelers to meet your specific requirements.

TODDCO has over 20 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of docklevelers and associated equipment throughout Australia. Our equipment is of the highest quality and durability, proven by the years of trouble free service enjoyed by our customers


  • Over 20 years experience in design, manufacture equipment and installation of docklevelers and associated equipment.
  • Acceptance by industry leaders throughout Australia
  • Superior strength in construction of platform and
    base frame
  • All component parts manufactured in Australia
  • Excellent safety features
  • High quality finish
  • Silent lip and platform retraction
  • Trouble free use
  • Service and back-up

Truck Wide Slat Roller Doors

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  • 3/4" Toughshell
  • 3/4" WeatherTite Polycomposite
  • 3/4" FRP (Fibreglass reinforced plywood)

Refrigerated Roller Truck Doors

  • 1 1/8" Polarguard Chiller (suit 0 to -10C)
  • 2 1/2" Polar guard Freezer (suit 0 to -20C)

Automatic Roller Truck Door System

  • Toddco door razor electric open and close system

Side Truck Roller Doors
Spare Parts for Truck Doors
Replacement Truck Doors
Replacement Panels and Slats
On Site Installation
On Site Service


20 Years of supplying wide slat roller doors for the transport industry has seen TODDCO Australia and the acceptance of the roller door grow from humble beginnings into an accepted industry standard. The TODDCO roller door is not just another import thrown into the market, it has been re- engineered and Australianised to give it the reliability and durability expected of Australian made products.

Only through constantly improving the TODDCO product range and working with the drivers and owners of the trucks and trailers that crisscross our unforgiving road system has TODDCO  been able to create a door capable of handling the harsh daily punishment of our transport industry.

TODDCO has a selection of wide slat roller door types to suit all the requirements of the various transport operators within the Transport industry. The Toddco doors can also be customised to suit a specialised operations.

TODDCO don’t build roller doors that roll up around a shaft. Our wide slat roller doors actually run on sealed ball bearing rollers and roll up overhead on horizontal tracks located up near the inside of the roof.


  • Over 20 years of constant design improvement
  • Acceptance by the leading Fleet operators Australia wide
  • Reliability and Durability
  • Customised doors
  • Automated systems
  • Service and backup

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